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NZOI NZ Olympiad in Informatics

Who We Are:

NZOI is organised by a group of people who are keen to share their enjoyment of informatics with New Zealand students. This group includes teachers, professional programmers, and university students. Many in the group have been through the NZOI training programme and competed in an International Olympiad in Informatics.

The group runs a programming contest which has several events throughout the year. It also holds a training camp in January each year to which the top programming students are invited.

The group relies heavily on sponsorship from tertiary organisations and business. The sponsorship subsidises the society’s activities including the supervising adults who are required to accompany the students selected to compete in the international olympiad event.


The society provides training opportunities in Informatics to selected New Zealand students who are currently enrolled in a New Zealand secondary school or who have been enrolled in the last eight months. The society selects, from those it has trained, students to attend the International Olympiad in Informatics. The society endeavours to foster informatics in New Zealand secondary schools. The society aims to be a non-profit group with all funds going to fulfill the purposes above.


In 2021, the New Zealand team competed in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), hosted by Singapore remotely. The team gathered in Christchurch in June and were kindly sponsored by Canterbury University's CS department for labs and proctors. The team had to sit the 2 contest days from 10pm to 3am and screen capture videos were then uploaded after 3am.

The first day's contest was difficult with a very large number of low scores internationally. The NZ team was no exception. Unfortunately their much improved day 2 scores did not put them into medal contention.

They are pictured below, from left to right: Bruce Chen (Christs College), Nicholas Grace (Burnside College), Zalan Varga (Rangitoto College) and Benjy Smith (Onslow College). Matthew Toohey (far right) was one of the proctors.

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The 2022 IOI will be hosted by Indonesia, as a hybrid on-site and remote event.