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NZMO New Zealand Maths Olympiad

Who We Are:

The NZ Mathematics Olympiad Committee is a dedicated committee of University lecturers and students, Mathematics teachers, and interested mathematicians who identify, select and mentor gifted and talented students through an annual programme of participation in international Olympiad competitions to give them an immense kick start to their mathematical careers. In turn former Olympians contribute to the next generations programmes by joining the committee and running the mentor programmes.

The committee is endorsed and supported by the NZ Mathematical Enrichment Trust, the NZ Association of Mathematics Teachers, the NZ Maths Olympiad Students Association, Universities and some companies.


The NZMOC provides activities for the enrichment and advancement of gifted and talented mathematical students under 19 and not enrolled in a university, through their website and hosting an annual week long residential camp in January. From this students are selected to attend the International Mathematical Olympiad in July - the toughest mathematical competition in the world.

First competed for in Romania in 1959 the competition has grown to over 100 countries sending teams of up to six. This makes it the oldest and largest Olympiad competition. New Zealand has competed with distinction since 1988 when it was hosted in Australia.


New Zealand has successfully competed in 29 International Olympiads with 1 – Gold, 10 - Silver, 47 – Bronze and 46 - Honourable Mentions. For full results go to the IMO website

The 2012 IMO was held in Mar del Plata, Argentina; 2013 was in Santa Marta, Colombia; 2014 was in Cape Town, South Africa; 2015 was in Chiang Mai, Thailand; 2016 was in Hong Kong and 2017 will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 12 – 23 July.

NZMOC Website

The 2017 IMO will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.